1. Turn Anxiety into Strength with Dr. David Rosmarin WomenRoadWarriors.com 50:10

Many people struggle with anxiety. Women suffer from it more

often than men. Sometimes anxiety gets so intense that it can lead to panic attacks.

There is a better way to beat anxiety. Acceptance is part of that and you can

turn it into a strength and a blessing. Dr. David Rosmarin is the founder of

the Center for Anxiety and Harvard associate professor. He is the author of the

book “Thriving with Anxiety: 9 Tools to Make Your Anxiety Work for You.” Dr.

Rosmarin has had great success helping his clients who suffer from anxiety by

approaching it from a totally different angle. He says it is unhelpful to fight

anxiety. It makes it worse. Learn to make anxiety a strength, not something to

fear. Anxiety is not dangerous and you won’t lose control. It is normal and it

can make you stronger. Change your relationship with anxiety and make it work

for you. Tune into this episode of Women Road Warriors with Shelley

Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro. Please subscribe to our podcast. It’s free.




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