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275.Hand Analysis and Living in Alignment with Jayne Sanders

  1. 275.Hand Analysis and Living in Alignment with Jayne Sanders Deborah Johnson 40:54

Have you ever encountered someone who delves into the intricacies of hand analysis? Perhaps you’ve come across the term “scientific hand analysis” but aren’t quite sure what it entails. Like many, I initially associated hand analysis with the mysticism of palm reading often found in fairground booths. However, I discovered that scientific hand analysis, also known as dermatoglyphics, is an entirely different field altogether. My perception shifted after an enlightening interview with Jayne Sanders, a master scientific hand analyst, who provided clarity on this fascinating practice.

Scientific hand analysis involves the study of fingerprint patterns, palm lines, and hand shapes to glean insights into individual traits, behaviors, and potential talents. The depth of understanding it offers intrigued me, prompting me to delve deeper into the subject. What particularly drew me to interview Jayne was her multifaceted background as a passionate horsewoman, deeply invested in riding and owning horses over the years. Her expertise in both scientific hand analysis and equestrian pursuits intrigued me, especially considering how she has seamlessly integrated her love for these magnificent animals with her practice of hand analysis. 

In this article, we’ll explore how Jayne’s profound connection with horses, coupled with her expertise in scientific hand analysis, has guided her towards living a life in alignment with finding her purpose and defining her ideal lifestyle. Full article here: Get our weekly articles & free downloads here:

CHAPTERS: 0:00 – Introduction 1:42 – Jane Sanders Profile 2:25 – Finding Your Purpose 8:15 – Living with Purpose 12:44 – Embracing Growth Mindset 16:36 – Building Credibility 19:29 – Mechanisms of Change 21:50 – Life Transformations 27:51 – Travel Agent Career 31:18 – Overcoming Stagnation 33:13 – Taking Action Steps 34:48 – Contacting Jane Sanders 37:30 – Conclusion 40:31 – Appreciation Note

Up for multiple GRAMMY Awards and spending over 20 years in the entertainment industry, Deborah Johnson, M.A., built multiple self-driven businesses. While many discuss career transitions and achieving success in a second act, few offer comprehensive guidance on leveraging automated content with core values and purpose. She is an expert on how to constantly reinvent yourself in a gig-economy, working mainly with those at mid-career and halftime of life. A creative powerhouse, she has released multiple books, albums, published hundreds of songs, has a thriving podcast and has written three musicals. Deborah speaks and performs for both live and virtual events.

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