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March 20th, 2023

Use Your Brain & Behavior to Master the Future of Work with Dr. Jennie Byrne

  1. Use Your Brain & Behavior to Master the Future of Work with Dr. Jennie Byrne 43:17

Dr. Jennie Byrne is  Chief Patient Officer at Belong Health. She lives to connect the dots between people and ideas in new and unexpected ways. She's a clinical translator between segments of our complex health system — clinicians, finance, operations, data, technology, research. I have strong people skills and enjoy bringing psychological savvy and EQ to complicated problems. 

Clients have called Dr. Byrne a triple threat because she:

1) Clinical Experience — nearly two decades of clinical experience as an MD/PhD
2) Entrepreneur — I’ve founded and grown a clinical organization through the entire life cycle of inception to exit
3) C-level Leadership — led teams to create and innovate clinical programs as a C-level leader

She's the author of Work Smart: Brain/Behavior/Creativity and the Future of Work which was released in January 2023. In the book she asks the questions many of us are asking today:

  • Why are we experiencing empathy fatigue and what can we do about it?
  • Where did the Traditional (prepandemic) Office culture come from? 
  • How can we make work not suck? 


Everyone thinks the future of work is about better technology. In Work Smart Dr. Jennie Byrne will convince you that the future of work is about being a better human. 

You will learn a little science about how human brains and behavior work, and you will learn a lot about how the workplace can be better. This book will leave you with a passion and excitement for creating a new workplace that is more humanistic and equitable. Ultimately, this book is your tool to work smarter rather than work harder. 

In this book, you will: 

  • Learn how to manage your time aggressively and intentionally. 
  • Learn how to cultivate empathy and challenge assumptions. 
  • Relearn how to communicate in the digital age. 

Book: Work Smart

Here's how you can reach host Terry McDougall:

Her book Winning the Game of Work is available at Amazon

I'm an Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant, Author, and Speaker who helps high-achieving professionals expand the overlap between their professional success and personal happiness. Prior to becoming a full-time coach in 2017, I was a long-time marketing executive.

I am the author of "Winning the Game of Work: Career Happiness and Success on Your Own Terms" and the host of two podcasts -- Marketing Mambo and Winning the Game of Work. I am a wife and mom to three grown children.

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