1. Leveraging Micro- and Nano-Influencers for Small and Local Businesses Jason Falls 31:05

Many of you are small business owners. Some of you might also work in marketing teams or even at agencies where influencer marketing budgets are thin. So when you hear people rattling on about the software platforms they use for their influencer marketing efforts, you probably think, “Yeah … wouldn’t that be nice.”

The soup-to-nuts platforms are expensive. Or at least they are for small businesses. When you’re spending millions of dollars on marketing and hundreds of thousands on influencer marketing, $2-3 grand per month for software isn’t concerning. So the “expensive” label is relative.

But small business marketers have the same problems the enterprise does. They need a tool to help with discovery. They need the ability to manage campaigns. They want to measure their influencer marketing efforts. And doing it all manually, or in a spreadsheet makes it far more time and labor intensive. Which deters a lot of small businesses from even trying.

Even if you get past that problem as a small business, then you have to worry about what influencers charge if you work with them. So the path many small businesses take is working with nano- and mico-influencers. But how do you find them? And how do you manage and measure working with folks who don’t have talent managers and sophisticated software packages themselves to solve those problems?

When the big software companies don’t provide solution for the little guy, that creates a gap. And gaps create opportunities for other software companies to thrive.

Reach Influencers is one of those software companies. It is an influencer marketing platform and marketplace that includes almost all of the feature sets of the big, fancy, enterprise solutions. It’s built around small businesses and using micro- and nano-influencers. And it costs less than $100 per month on the annual subscription.

The first case study Nick Wise from Reach Influencers told me about was a small business in Hardinsburg, Kentucky of all places. 

I tell you that for two reasons. First, you know I’m from Kentucky, so a little humble brag is in order. Reach Influencers is also based in Kentucky, so there’s that, too. But the main reason I tell you that is if a small, local business in a town of less than 3,000 people can increase their revenue and exposure using influencer marketing, then you can, too.

Nick and I sat down to talk last week. We focused on the use of nano-influencers and how your own customers can be the smartest influence partners you work with. We talked about how a small business in a town of 3,000 people can effectively find influencers that are relevant to them and their location. And we touch on the software, too.

Smart ideas for businesses small and large were had. And today, we’ll hear them from Nick Wise of Reach Influencers.

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