1. A Cheaper, Faster Path to More Ideal Consumer Insights Through Influencers Jason Falls 35:26

The most overlooked facet of marketing execution across our industry is consumer research. The large brands and agencies swear by it. But the one-percent is just that: one percent. When you drop down to the lower end of the large brand spectrum, and then to medium brands and small businesses, consumer insights are seldom even talked about. 

Not enough businesses invest in consumer research. Not enough agencies sell it through the way they should. 

What replaces it for those who don’t invest in consumer research is typically generic, broad statistical analysis … hardly qualifying as research … proliferated by software companies as linkbait content on their websites. 

The reason few brands actually invest in consumer research is that good, sound consumer research is cost prohibitive. It’s tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to commission a research instrument. They also take months to complete. So they’re pricey and slow.

But where there is a gap in the marketplace, there will be someone who tries to fill it. Matt Miller is the founder of Raadz, a tool to collect consumer insights in a matter of hours, not months. And for investments of hundreds to low thousands of dollars, not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Raadz allows brands to ramp up short question, and short duration, surveys for consumers in minutes. They’re gamified to drive participation and reward those participating. The questions are structured in a way that eliminates false answers and false positives from participants. 

Brands can use the survey instrument for their own private list of participants, like customers or newsletter subscribers. Or they can build open surveys and promote them to their social media followers and other groups.

So what does this have to do with influence marketing? Raadz is actually going to market with the idea that brands can use Raadz to solicit feedback directly from the audience of the influencers they partner with. And there’s money in it for the content creator or influencer as well.

Matt and I caught up recently to allow him to dive into deeper explanations of all that here on the show. I am so gung-ho about this tool, I’m discussing a more connected partnership with Raadz Moving forward. I want my clients to use it. I think your clients or brand should too. I think you’ll agree after hearing my conversation with Matt today on Winfluence. 

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