1. Ep.300 – “Harmony & Hardship: The Robert Paul Band on Music’s Saving Grace” James Cox & Blake Moseley 1:35:16

Main Themes

  1. The Creative Process and Inspirations
    • The band members share their songwriting techniques and studio experiences.
    • Personal stories that fuel their music, including a unique love story.
  2. Triumph Over Personal Adversity
    • Discussion of challenges such as addiction, loss, and family illness.
    • How music provided a therapeutic outlet and facilitated communication.
  3. Music’s Impact on Society
    • The role of songwriters in the digital age and during crises (9/11, Hurricane Katrina).
    • Creating personalized songs for sick children as a form of comfort.
  4. Unity and Kindness
    • Acts of kindness in difficult times.
    • The importance of respect across political lines and the belief in inherent human goodness.
  5. Lessons from Life and Disappointment
    • The educational value of disappointment.
    • How family relationships and early experiences shape their music and perspectives.
  6. Musical Influences and Storytelling
    • Admiration for bands like Shinedown and Deep Purple.
    • The critical role of storytelling in their songwriting approach.
  7. Country Music Scene and Professional Dedication
    • Insights into the country music industry.
    • Their commitment to giving their best in all endeavors.
  8. Personal Anecdotes and Encounters
    • Memorable interactions with celebrities like David Bowie and Mick Jagger.
    • Stories from the road, including Waffle House incidents and thoughts on life topics.
  9. Powerful Personal Stories
    • A touching story about organ donation and its life-saving impact.
    • A father’s perspective on a traumatic accident involving his son and battles with addiction.
  10. Overcoming and Helping Others
    • One member’s personal fight with suicidal thoughts and the journey to help others.
    • Travel stories from Italy and Albania that highlight kindness and the human experience.


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James Cox Podcast Host who has Cerebral Palsy

James Cox is an individual living with cerebral palsy. He has a podcast called “When Words Fail…Music Speaks” in which he discusses how Music can help with depression. James has lived with cerebral palsy all of his life, and now he wants to help people understand that living with a disability does not define who he is.

James’ dad is a retired colonel in the Air Force, so he lived in many different places such as the Philippines and bases in the southeast USA meeting many interesting people and gaining life experience. James has worked several different jobs over the years that allowed him the opportunity to meet new people and gain different outlooks on life. Places such as Central Carolina Tech College, The Sumter Library, Dave and Buster’s, and Outback Steakhouse.

James has been living on his own for five years now. Moving out of Sumter SC, he has been living up to his life long goal to live on his own and thrive despite his disability. He now lives in Columbia SC and has a part time job that he loves in addition to his podcast.