1. 264: Bhu Foods: Nurturing Spirituality and Veganism in Business Kathleen Gage 39:51

Laura Katleman, Founder of Bhur Foods, shares her journey from being a vegetarian for many years to becoming a vegan. She describes how her eating habits evolved over time, starting from giving up beef, then chicken, seafood, and finally all animal products.


The Catalyst for Going Vegan


Laura’s transition to veganism wasn’t a conscious decision but rather an evolution. As she became more health-conscious and her health practitioners advised her against consuming dairy, eggs, and other animal products, she naturally phased them out of her diet.


Embracing the Vegan Identity


Laura doesn’t strongly identify with the “vegan” label. She believes that being vegan works well for her body and her spiritual practice, making her feel lighter and more at ease, but avoids labels. For her, veganism is more of a personal journey than an identity she loudly proclaims.


Filling the Gap with Vegan Sweets


Laura noticed a lack of healthy vegan sweets in the market, which inspired her to start her company, Bhu Foods. She wanted to offer people transitioning away from sugar and animal products an alternative that allowed them to indulge in delicious treats without compromising their health.


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Kathleen Gage Visibility and Marketing Strategist

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