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Modern Cupping, WellCare Shifts, and Health Tips with Dr. Tom Ingegno

  1. Modern Cupping, WellCare Shifts, and Health Tips with Dr. Tom Ingegno Hersh Rephun 31:50

Some call it “Grandma’s Medicine,” because of its simplicity. But Hersh does a deep dive with Dr. Tom Ingegno, DACM, LAC, the best-selling author of “The Cupping Book: Unlocking the Secrets of Ancient Healing”. Dr. Tom owns and operates Charm City Integrative Health, a multifaceted clinic NYT bestseller and futurist David Houle called the “Future of Medicine.” His clinic provides a multidimensional approach to reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and regulating the immune system to help people thrive.

In addition to nearly a quarter century of clinical experience, Dr. Tom has taught at two universities of East Asian Medicine and served as Chair of the Maryland Board of Acupuncture. He was the director of acupuncture for a chain of wellness centers in the mid-Atlantic. Dr. Tom has been featured in both consumer and professional media, spreading his message of health using modern research, traditional practices, and humor to make complex theories and treatments understandable. His professional passion is to help patients and like-minded practitioners develop no-nonsense practices to allow people to maximize their health.

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(0:00) Tom Ingegno discusses the popularity and evolution of cupping therapy
(0:53) Hersh Rephun introduces the Truth Tastes Funny podcast and guest Dr. Tom Ingegno
(2:29) Introduction to Charm City Integrated Health and its services
(5:37) Dr. Tom Ingegno’s origin story and inspiration from his grandfather
(7:30) The impact of COVID-19 on patient care and the shift towards WellCare
(11:05) The inception and development of Dr. Tom Ingegno’s cupping book
(13:46) The ease and safety of modern cupping techniques
(19:34) Introduction to Dr. Tom Ingegno’s podcast, “Irreverent Health”
(28:44) Tips for dealing with stress and sustaining good health
(31:26) Closing remarks and call to action

Hersh Rephun The MESSAGE Therapist

Increasingly known as “The MESSAGE Therapist™”, Hersh Rephun is a veteran Copywriter & Brand Voice Expert who helps Founders, CEOs, and Consultants establish trust with their audience.

His people are the soulful movers for whom the next-figure may be in revenue or impact.

Hersh hosts multiple interview shows ranked in the Top 2% of Apple Podcasts globally (including YES, BRAND), and having played standup gigs across the country (Comedy Store, Comic Strip, Funny Bone, The Ice House…), he brings his stage presence to keynote talks the world over.

He is the Founder of HumanEyes, a personal interface for reviewing, editing, and elevating Ai-generated output.

Hersh’s mantra is, “Sell the Truth with Humor and Humanity”; this ethos runs through his talks, workshops, and intensives. Hersh is the author of SELLING THE TRUTH: We’re All Full of It, coming in early 2024.

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