1. Settling for Good At the Expense of Great Jody J. Sperling 40:00

Don’t settle for something good when you can have something great.

Is AMMO Write For You?

If you’re an author with a handful of books published (or you’ve published nonfiction and have one book with a great program to help clients), AMMO is unlike any other program on the market. You’re going to have to work the program to find success, and bestseller status likely won’t hit in weeks of joining the program, but for many authors, AMMO is the beginning of a lucrative career that puts books first. Learn more here.

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Have You Been Contemplating Scrivener?

I was late to take up Scrivener, but as I am digging deeper into a mystery series with each passing day, I find the need for meticulous detail keeping unavoidable.

And you know what? I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner. Scrivener is the most amazing detail-keeper-straighter in the world. I like it so much I’m getting a whole podcast episode together devoted to why Scrivener is the best word processor and the only one you need as a novelist. Want to give it a spin?

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Do You Want To Have Your Self-Published Books In Bookstores?

The Self-Published Author Co-Op is the home of a movement. Get a $5.00 lifetime membership to the co-op and you’ll receive a road map to preparing your books for brick and mortar bookstore selling.

If you ever want to see your books on shelves nationally, but you don’t know how to make that a reality, join now, click here.1

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