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May 23rd, 2024

How to Buy a Bigger Competitor – Getting Unstuck

  1. How to Buy a Bigger Competitor - Getting Unstuck Jon Stoddard 46:00

Have you ever felt stuck in your business, like you're just treading water? Maybe you’ve hit a plateau or the competition feels insurmountable. Today, we’re diving into a bold strategy: buying a bigger competitor.

Yes, you heard that right! Acquiring a larger rival can be a game-changer. In this interview with Greg Moran, we’ll explore how this approach helped his software business flip the tables from being acquired to acquiring a competitor five times its size.

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acquisitions, growth, integration, culture, strategic, exit, investment thesis, work environment, upskilling, reskilling, freelance economy, gig economy, founder selection, AI disruption, workplace safety, strategic exits, private equity, future trends


00:00 Introduction and Personal Connection
02:56 Starting the Company and the Beginnings of Acquisitions
10:54 Challenges and Road Bumps in Integration
12:54 Strategic Growth and Positioning for Success
23:02 Starting Evergreen Mountain Equity Partners
25:42 Selecting the Right Founder for Success
28:03 Strategic Exits and Growth through Private Equity
36:10 Future Trends: AI, Gig Workers, and Globalization of the Workforce

Acquiring businesses, teaching entrepreneurs how to acquire businesses and helping entrepreneurs scale businesses through acquisitions and marketing. Jon is adept at negotiation, marketing strategy, structuring and funding of mergers and acquisitions IPOs and exit strategies.

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