1. 70. Live Better, Live Longer - Understand the Three Factors of Aging with Author Christian Yordanov Diane Gilman 37:47

Unravel the key factors to a longer life in this week’s “Too Young To Be Old”, as Diane delves into the secrets of longevity with Christian Yordanov, author of “How to Actually Live Longer Vol 1.” 

Understanding Aging

Christian explains that genetics are only one part of the aging process, with environmental factors also playing a significant role. He describes that every decision we make steers us towards better health or away from it.

The Three Drivers of Aging

Drawing from his book, Christian introduces the three drivers of aging: stress, inflammation, and oxidative stress. When any of these factors are present, the body compensates by drawing resources from other areas, leading to visible signs of aging like wrinkles or hair loss. 

The Pitfalls of Certain Medications

Diane and Christian discuss the pros and cons of various medications, highlighting some effective medications that aren’t really prescribed anymore. Christian believes this is because they are out of patent so pharmaceutical companies discourage doctors from prescribing such medications.  

He mentions the dysregulation of bloods and lipids caused by some drugs, including steroids, and the detrimental effects on blood sugar levels and in turn, overall health.

Understanding Weight Loss and Longevity

Christian tells Diane about his findings on weight loss and its impact on longevity. He warns against losing weight too fast, which can release toxins stored in body fat and lead to higher rates of mortality. He also discusses the downsides of intermittent fasting, a process which he says can increase stress in the body. 

The Lag in Medical Innovation

Diane and Christian look at the reluctance of doctors to embrace new drugs and therapies, highlighting a significant gap between medical knowledge and practice. They circle back to Christians earlier point that some very effective medicines are not really used anymore, purely because they are out of patent and no longer as profitable. 

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Diane Gilman Too Young To Be Old with Diane Gilman

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After 30 years of experience in front of the camera connecting with the baby boomer audience on television, Diane has set out to become a proaging advocate and a "Silver-haired Influencer". Through social media, YouTube and the launch of her podcast, Too Young To Be Old, Diane's goal is to educate and inspire the 50+ community in a range of lifestyle topics such as nutrition, health & wellness, fashion, beauty & skincare, and any other topics covering aging solutions.