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Welcome back, lovely listeners, to another episode of Too Young To Be Old, the podcast designed to empower and inspire women over 50. Your host, the queen of jeans herself, Diane Gilman, is here to take you on a solo journey today as she delves into the transformative power of gratitude.

In this special solo episode, Diane reflects on the profound impact that gratitude has had on her life. She believes that living in gratitude is the key to modern aging, a perspective that can redefine the way we approach our later years.

The Concept of Gratitude

Diane explores the concept of gratitude and the incredible changes it can bring about. She emphasizes the choice we have: to see everything as mere coincidence or as a series of miracles. Drawing from her own experiences, she declares that life, to her, is a blessing.

Having faced the challenging battle of cancer, Diane shares how the illness became a wake-up call that shifted her mindset. Despite a tough childhood and a journey that led her to Fashion success but also dark places, gratitude became a guiding light. The care she received during her health struggles made her appreciate life as a privilege rather than a punishment.

Surviving Cancer with Gratitude

Diane recalls her time in the competitive Fashion and entertainment industry, contrasting it with the higher stakes in the business of saving one’s life. She credits gratitude for helping her survive cancer, emphasizing the importance of surrounding oneself with grateful individuals.

Choosing Gratitude in the Third Act

Diane prompts listeners to contemplate their own lives during this third act. Diane encourages them to consider what brings light into their lives and prompts reflection on the choice between seeing life as a series of coincidences or a series of miracles.

Acknowledging that life in your later years is different from youth, Diane encourages embracing new things to be grateful for. She poses a thought-provoking question: What gratitude practices are you performing in the third act of your life?

Gratitude Eliminates Loneliness

Diane shares her discovery that living under the umbrella of gratitude prevents loneliness. She found joy in sadness, hope in fear, and comfort in discomfort, urging listeners to explore what they can be grateful for in their own lives.

Breast Cancer: The Greatest Learning Device

Describing breast cancer as the greatest learning device in her life, Diane expresses how she now resides in a zone of happiness in every moment. She highlights the transformative power of gratitude in reshaping one’s perspective.

Expressing Gratitude for the Podcast

Diane takes a moment to express her gratitude for the podcast’s success and the positive impact it’s making. She reflects on the unique opportunities and joys that this project has brought into her life.

In conclusion, Diane leaves listeners with a powerful question: What do you have to lose by bringing more gratitude into your life? Join her every Thursday this December as she continues to explore the profound impact of gratitude on “Too Young To Be Old.” Remember, your life is a series of miracles waiting to be acknowledged.

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A fashion rule-breaker with millions of loyal fans, the charismatic pearl-haired, “Queen of Jeans,” Diane Gilman is 78 years young and embracing aging instead of fighting it. An inspiration for women embracing their third act, Diane is The top Tele-retailing brand globally who is just getting started, and not unlike many women’s stories, recognition for Diane came later in life with the launch of her DG2 Jeans line on HSN which has become the top tele-retailing brand globally, over $100 million dollars a year in retail sales domestically, could be seen on QVC UK, Italy, France, Australia & Canada. Her latest book, “Too Young to be Old,” is another compelling take on conquering life’s challenges and harnessing one’s own power to live a “third act” filled with dream-catching and fulfillment.

After 30 years of experience in front of the camera connecting with the baby boomer audience on television, Diane has set out to become a proaging advocate and a "Silver-haired Influencer". Through social media, YouTube and the launch of her podcast, Too Young To Be Old, Diane's goal is to educate and inspire the 50+ community in a range of lifestyle topics such as nutrition, health & wellness, fashion, beauty & skincare, and any other topics covering aging solutions.