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  1. An Unexpected Journey into Westerns with Ami Hicken King The Zarlequan Indie-Verse 10:56

Welcome back I’m your host Brittani Starr and Today, we’re joined by a talented author whose literary journey took an unexpected turn into the Wild West.
Ami’s academic background in literature led her to fascinating territories in academia, teaching college English to art students and earning a PhD in Restoration/18th Century literature. However, her path into the world of writing took an unforeseen twist when she stumbled upon the genre of westerns, initially setting out to craft medieval romances.
Her debut novel, ‘The Reluctant Bandit: Lawless & the Law Book 1,’ takes us on a gripping journey through the rugged landscapes of The Territory of Arizona in 1878.
Join us as we dive into the thrilling pages of Ami’s novel and have a conversation with an indie author. Please welcome to the show Ami Hicken King

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