1. 221 - Training the Indian Army Angus Wallace 40:11

The Indian Army was the largest volunteer army during the Second World War. Indian Army divisions fought in the Middle East, North Africa and Italy – and went to make up the overwhelming majority of the troops in South East Asia. Over two million personnel served in the Indian Army.

In this episode, I am joined by Dr Alan Jefferys to discuss how the Indian Army developed a more comprehensive training structure than any other Commonwealth country during WWII. This was achieved through both the dissemination of doctrine and the professionalism of a small cadre of Indian Army officers who brought about a military culture within the Indian Army – starting in the 1930s – that came to fruition during the Second World War.

Alan is the Head of Equipment and Uniform at the National Army Museum and the author of Approach to Battle: Training the Indian Army During the Second World War.



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