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  1. Understanding Grief Through Pet Loss: An Unfiltered Conversation With Kris Munsch Dave Roberts 53:57

In this episode host Dave Roberts and his brother from another mother, Kris Munsch, discuss the sadness that comes with losing a pet, acknowledging that the emotions involved can be just as intense as losing a human loved one. The pair shares personal experiences, with Kris detailing the recent loss of his pet dog Moose and how this event unearthed feelings regarding the death of his son, Blake. The conversation explores the unique relationships people develop with their pets and the invaluable life lessons our animal companions can teach us. They discuss the profound impact of Grief, the mutual respect that exists despite different coping strategies and how these experiences continually shape them.

About Kris

Kris is a builder, a teacher and a repurposer of old homes. Kris also has repurposed his life and Grief following the death of his son Blake over 18 years ago.

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Dave Roberts LMSW, Author, Podcaster

David J. Roberts, LMSW, became a parent who experienced the death of a child, when his daughter Jeannine died of cancer on 3/1/03 at the age of 18. He is a retired addiction professional and an adjunct professor in the psychology child life department at Utica University in Utica, New York. Dave also teaches psychology classes at Pratt MWP School of Art and Design. He is the host of The Teaching Journeys Podcast, which can be found on Apple, Spotify and other podcast platforms.

Dave has presented workshops at national conferences of The Compassionate Friends as well as for the Bereaved Parents of the USA. He was also a keynote speaker at the 2011 and 2015 national gatherings of the Bereaved Parents of the USA. Dave also co-presented a workshop titled “Helping Faculty After Traumatic Loss” for the Parkland, Florida community in May of 2018, in the aftermath of the mass shootings at Stoneman Douglas High School.

Roberts has been a past HuffPost contributor and has contributed articles to Medium, Open to Hope Foundation, Mindfulness and Grief, Thrive Global, and the Recovering the Self Journal. He has also appeared on numerous podcasts, as well as Open to Hope Television. In 2021,he co-authored and published a book with Reverend Patty Furino titled, When The Psychology Professor Met The Minister.