The Pathway to Equity Dr. Bill Coplin-Award winning Professor & Author Syracuse University

Join us in this enlightening episode as we sit down with Dr. Bill Coplin, the founder and professor of the renowned undergraduate Policy Studies Major at Syracuse University. With over 50 years of teaching experience, Dr. Coplin shares valuable insights into Strategies for Career Success, Community Problem-Solving, and the importance of Inclusion in Liberal Arts.

As the Laura J. and L. Douglas Meredith Professor for Teaching Excellence, Dr. Coplin has authored 110 books and articles, many in the field of education. He discusses how students can thrive and learn to live in school, emphasizing the development of essential skills beyond mere content and test-taking.

Discover Dr. Coplin’s journey as a professor, his innovative approach to teaching, and how he engaged students to contribute to class and community programs at the university. Learn about his mission to bring a skills-based program to high schools, impacting over 40,000 students and pioneering the Policy Studies major at Syracuse University.

With a career spanning over 60 years, Dr. Bill Coplin is an award-winning professor and advisor who has dedicated his life to transforming high school and college education. Join us as we delve into his vision for an education revolution that prioritizes holistic learning and practical skill development for student success and societal impact.

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Jackie Scully is an experienced History/Psychology Teacher, Creator/Host of The Teacher Story which features my own story and then teacher interviews. She wants to elevate teacher voices and others in education and put them at the forefront of the education reform movement. She is also the Co-founder of The Teacher Circle LinkedIN group, which is a global community to support teachers and others in education. A new episode drops every Sunday. The podcast has two seasons and is currently on summer break. Season 3 will start up again on August 20th, 2023. Jackie is taking the summer break for personal travel, student trip to Europe, and working on her first book that is due to be out late 2023/early 2024. She is part of the Education Revolution! Let's keep doing good work in education and building a better future for our children.