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Discover the extraordinary journey of Anshar Seraphim, who defied the odds as a mostly non-verbal individual on the autism spectrum to become a leader in education, helping others understand more about behavioral psychology, cognitive neuroscience, communication, and interpersonal/psychosocial dynamics.

From navigating the challenges of the school system to becoming a tutor and a key player in The Octopus Movement, Anshar shares his remarkable transformation and the insights gained along the way.

As a founding member of The Octopus Movement, Anshar is part of a global network of nonlinear thinkers.

He’s made significant contributions to the realm of education, playing a pivotal role in shaping the Education White Paper and advocating for transformative change within the educational landscape.

Through his teachings, he empowers individuals and organizations to overcome challenges, enhance sales processes, and foster meaningful connections with their audience.

Anshar’s role as a High Stakes Negotiation Trainer, Business Analyst, and Sales Psychology Specialist has served representatives of global giants like IBM and personal professional enterprises, including Oscar-Nominated Choreographer Terence Lewis. His clients have been featured in ABC’s Nightline, interviewed by Podcaster Tim Ferriss, published in columns and editorials for publications like the Huffington Post, featured in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People, and have been the subject of multiple documentaries.

Anshar is an extraordinary individual, exemplifying strength, tenacity, curiosity, and compassion. He is among the dedicated individuals (mentioned below) who contributed to crafting the Education White Paper, which promises to bring about significant changes in the education system.

This is a beautiful story of Resilience and progress!

Education White Paper

written by Anshar Seraphim & Perry Knoppert

nonlinear thinking by : E. Brault / M. Cheyne / N. Chelache / J. LaRosa / M. Magrutsche / L. Lowery Busler / T. Hutchinson / C.Corr / A.Sait / T. Langley / C.Bencivenga / T. Palopol i / D.Shylit / D. Tsufura / I. Fabian / L. Skinner / S. Lim / A. Goldish

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