1. Ep.72-Season 3 Finale: A Gratitude Message to My Guests & A Reading from The Guided Teacher-Jackie Scully Jackie Scully 12:13

In the Season 3 finale, I share a heartfelt gratitude message to the incredible guests who made this journey memorable. This season was filled with stories about innovation and entrepreneurship in education. I share a special moment by reading an excerpt from my book, The Guided Teacher. This segment focuses on the moral of the story and unveils my vision for education. It’s a moment of reflection, gratitude, and a glimpse into the core principles that guide my work. I look forward to sharing more stories and insights in Season 4, which kicks off January 7th, 2024!

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Season 3 episodes

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Jackie Scully Educator / Podcaster / Education Reform & Teacher Advocate

Jackie Scully is an experienced History/Psychology Teacher, Creator/Host of The Teacher Story which features my own story and then teacher interviews. She wants to elevate teacher voices and others in education and put them at the forefront of the education reform movement. She is also the Co-founder of The Teacher Circle LinkedIN group, which is a global community to support teachers and others in education. A new episode drops every Sunday. The podcast has two seasons and is currently on summer break. Season 3 will start up again on August 20th, 2023. Jackie is taking the summer break for personal travel, student trip to Europe, and working on her first book that is due to be out late 2023/early 2024. She is part of the Education Revolution! Let's keep doing good work in education and building a better future for our children.