A Young Activist & Leader for Children’s Rights-Fardeen Blaq | Global Advocate for Children’s

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child serves as a universally recognized framework for promoting and safeguarding children’s rights. Despite being 75 years since the launch of Human Rights and 35 years since countries ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child, many children are still unaware of their rights. Governments, communities, and corporations are increasingly raising awareness and engaging citizens to fulfill their responsibilities.

Today, I am thrilled to have a special guest, Fardeen Blaq, on The Teacher Story Podcast. Fardeen is a Global Citizen Super-Activist, a two-time international Children Peace Prize nominee, and one of the youngest Global Goals activists and educators. Starting at the age of eight as a Global Citizen, Fardeen joins us from Nairobi, Kenya, to discuss his perspectives and experiences as a Global Goals Educator and Children’s Rights Advocate. Fardeen is also the Young CEO of Fardeen Productions, running the Why Not? Campaign, advocating for a better education system through https://www.kikaocultures.com/. His passion lies in uniting young people to recognize their potential, take action, and build a future free from extreme poverty.

After receiving the Diana Award in 2020 and being nominated for the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2021 and 2023, Fardeen, along with his sister, started @KikaoCultures. Through this initiative, they are teaching their peers at government-run children’s centers in Nairobi and worldwide, employing Project-Based Learning to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

As the Co-Founder of KikaoCultures, his mission is to showcase the magic of multi-stakeholder partnerships at the country level. He believes that these collaborations can yield extraordinary results in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. His goal is to offer clear guidance on how to build robust and effective collaborations that contribute significantly to achieving these global objectives.

At the age of 13, Fardeen took on the significant responsibility of becoming the Young CEO of Fardeen Productions. You can check out his work on https://www.youtube.com/@fardeenooik, where he collaborates with new artists.

Intergenerational and international partnerships are powerful and create the change we need to see in the world!

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