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Episode 178 – Roy Hamilton Jr / His Father's Music Lives On

  1. Episode 178 - Roy Hamilton Jr / His Father's Music Lives On Rik Anthony / Roy Hamilton Jr 27:39

In the realm of music, legacies aren't just stories; they're living melodies echoing through generations. Roy Hamilton Jr., with heartfelt reverence, continues his father's musical legacy through captivating tribute shows titled “The Legacy Continues.” Honoring the timeless classics of his father, Roy Hamilton Sr., “the “Golden Boy of Song.” These shows aren't mere performances; they're profound journeys through history, melody, and emotion. Roy Jr.'s voice, reminiscent of his father's rich timbre, seamlessly intertwines with each note, evoking nostalgia and admiration. Through “The Legacy Continues,” Roy Hamilton Jr. doesn't just sing; he orchestrates a beautiful ode to his father, ensuring that his music resonates eternally. Roy Hamilton Jr is Someone You Should Know.


00:00:00 Remembering Roy Hamilton Sr. – The Man Behind Unchained Melody

00:01:05 Roy Hamilton Jr. Discusses His Music Career and Tribute to His Father

00:13:58 Mentoring the Next Generation of Performers with Roy Hamilton Jr.

00:20:41 Father's Day Weekend Show Collaboration in Las Vegas

00:24:57 Roy Hamilton Jr. Discusses His Father's Legacy and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Efforts

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Click here to go to Roy's Website
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Click here to listen to Roy's music on Spotify
Click here to learn more about Roy's Father's Day Concert with Benedito King and Elvis Aaron Presley Jr. in Vegas 
Click here to go to sign the petition to get Roy Hamilton Sr in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Rik retired from daily on-air radio on 1/1/23 and is focusing on his podcast and enjoying life. Rik has two grown children, Shauna and Brad.

Rik loves flying airplanes, traveling, cooking, the arts, and spending time with his wife, Leslie.

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