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Episode 172 – Johnny Henry – St Louis Country Artist

  1. Episode 172 - Johnny Henry - St Louis Country Artist Rik Anthony / Johnny Henry 46:33

Rekindling old connections can be like finding a hidden treasure. Recently, I had the joy of reconnecting with a musician friend from St. Louis who has toured extensively across the US and even ventured to the vibrant shores of the Virgin Islands. Our conversations were a harmonious blend of reminiscing about past gigs and sharing tales of musical adventures. It's incredible how music can bridge gaps and bring old friends back together. He's Johnny Henry, and he's Someone You Should Know.

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All music used by permission from the artist
Someone You Should Know 2024 // CatGotYourTongueStudios 2024

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Rik Anthony Someone You Should Know Podcast

Somehow, Rik knew he wanted to be a radio announcer from an early age. So after graduation in 1978, Rik joined the U.S. Air Force to be a Radio and TV announcer for the Armed Forces Radio and TV Service (AFRTS). After 20 years, he retired from the Air Force in 1998. He retired on a Friday in August then two days later, started a new job as a host and producer for the All Star Radio Network. During his 19 years there, Rik hosted several nationally syndicated radio shows, including: "Back in the Pits with Rik Anthony" and "Someone You Should Know." Rik has thousands of celebrity interviews in his archives.

Rik retired from daily on-air radio on 1/1/23 and is focusing on his podcast and enjoying life. Rik has two grown children, Shauna and Brad.

Rik loves flying airplanes, traveling, cooking, the arts, and spending time with his wife, Leslie.

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