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May 5th, 2024

Episode 271-Harmonizing Potential: Championing Neurodiversity in Education and Employment with TACT Founder Danny Combs

  1. Episode 271-Harmonizing Potential: Championing Neurodiversity in Education and Employment with TACT Founder Danny Combs Sara Gullihur-Bradford aka SJ Childs 32:10

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When former Nashville musician Danny Combs stepped into the world of autism advocacy, he uncovered a symphony of potential within the neurodiverse community. His own son Dylan's autism diagnosis became the opening note to a life-changing movement, a tale of embracing unique abilities and transforming challenges into opportunities. In our conversation, Danny articulates the importance of shifting our perspective, acknowledging the individual strengths that every autistic person brings to the table. We also extend a heartfelt thanks to Harri James O'Kelly for orchestrating this connection between us and the conversation around the significant progress in the autistic community.

Venturing into the educational realm, we uncover the significance of tailored education strategies for neurodivergent individuals. From the dramatic impact of dietary interventions to the power of trusting parental instincts over conventional wisdom, we examine how adapting learning environments and class sizes can profoundly affect a child's development. Delving further, we share strategies for enhancing workplace inclusivity through universal design and proper preparation, ensuring neurodiverse individuals aren't just placed in jobs, but are truly set up for success.

As we look to the future, it's the innovative career development programs for youth that ignite a spark of excitement. We discuss how hands-on education, starting from a young age, can shape passions into viable career paths, highlighting the importance of competency-based learning and adaptable support systems. Wrapping up, we touch on the transformative effect of scholarships within our transition program, advocating for the potential within every child to be nurtured, regardless of financial barriers. Join us in this episode to witness the milestones being achieved and be part of the ongoing support for these essential initiatives.

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Sara Bradford Podcaster, aka SJ Childs

Sara Bradford is an Autistic woman and advocate and is the CEO of SJ Childs LLC, an autism consulting business to support families. She is a member of the Autism Council of Utah and also the owner of FB Autism Advocates Support Group. She is a mother of 2, and her husband and kids are also on the autism spectrum. She is a Global Autism Speaker, as well as a Podcast Host-The SJ Childs Show Podcast. She continues to strengthen her community through local university and hospital Autism partnerships, police training, corporate autism training programs, and more. Sara is a children's book author, pen name SJ Childs. Subjects such as autism, dyslexia, physical differences, anxiety, and more. Helping children understand themselves and support their peers with neurodiverse needs. Encouraging love and inclusion in every situation.

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