1. Episode 258-A Conversation with Carice Anderson on Cultivating Self-Leadership and Embracing Collaboration Sara Gullihur-Bradford aka SJ Childs 26:02

Embark on a journey with Carice Anderson as she unfolds her life story, from her humble beginnings in Huey Town, Alabama, to her days as a global wanderer and scribe. Her narrative is a tapestry woven with the threads of family values, spiritual richness, melodious tunes, and scholarly pursuits. Your ears will be treated to tales of her South African adventures, where cultural revelations broadened not just her horizons but her very essence. As a bonus, Carice generously offers a beacon of guidance for the fledgling professionals among us, sharing the wisdom gleaned from her own slip-ups with the written word as her wand.

This session is a treasure trove for anyone seeking to polish their leadership luster or amplify their success signals. We unravel the enigma of self-leadership and the craft of mindset sculpting, leading to the epiphany that our perceptions are the architects of our reality. Carice and I muse over the myth of the solitary victor and celebrate the symphony of collaboration, emphasizing how embracing our weaknesses can open doors for others' strengths to flourish. As you soak in these words, you'll discover the groundwork for a thriving, collective ecosystem where authenticity and fellowship reign supreme.

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Sara Bradford Podcaster, aka SJ Childs

Sara Bradford is an Autistic woman and advocate and is the CEO of SJ Childs LLC, an autism consulting business to support families. She is a member of the Autism Council of Utah and also the owner of FB Autism Advocates Support Group. She is a mother of 2, and her husband and kids are also on the autism spectrum. She is a Global Autism Speaker, as well as a Podcast Host-The SJ Childs Show Podcast. She continues to strengthen her community through local university and hospital Autism partnerships, police training, corporate autism training programs, and more. Sara is a children's book author, pen name SJ Childs. Subjects such as autism, dyslexia, physical differences, anxiety, and more. Helping children understand themselves and support their peers with neurodiverse needs. Encouraging love and inclusion in every situation.