1. Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day with Episode 266-Championing Autism Awareness: A Father's Journey through Advocacy and Empowerment Sara Gullihur-Bradford aka SJ Childs 56:40

From the heart of Philadelphia's vibrant streets to the intimate corners of fatherhood and advocacy, Jamiel Owens guides us through a labyrinth of emotions and experiences as he champions the cause for autism awareness. In a spirited conversation that defies boundaries, Jamiel, a father turned fierce advocate, opens the gates to his life's story, detailing his multifaceted roles – from volunteer firefighter to family relations coordinator at the Center for Autism Research at CHOP. He illuminates the transformative power social media holds in stitching together a tapestry of support for parents, especially fathers, who are navigating the complex world of autism with their children.

Strap in for a deep-dive into the societal stigmas that cling to disability, and the emotional turmoil fathers endure when grasping their child's autism diagnosis. Jamiel's raw and revealing narrative shines a spotlight on the language we use and the generational divides that can either hinder or help in embracing our children's unique abilities. His voice is a clarion call for empathy, urging education and outreach as keystones in the crusade for autistic individuals' rights. It's not just about adjusting to new norms; it's about celebrating the strength and diversity that autism brings into the family fold.

Rounding off with a look at the practicalities, Jamiel champions the cause of personalized learning and the beauty of teaching independence. His personal tales merge with professional insights, providing a beacon of hope and understanding for the autism community. Jamiel invites listeners to witness the victories, acknowledge the setbacks, and join the collective action that's reshaping the future. It's more than a conversation; it's an invitation to become part of a movement that sees strength in every spectrum.

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Sara Bradford Podcaster, aka SJ Childs

Sara Bradford is an Autistic woman and advocate and is the CEO of SJ Childs LLC, an autism consulting business to support families. She is a member of the Autism Council of Utah and also the owner of FB Autism Advocates Support Group. She is a mother of 2, and her husband and kids are also on the autism spectrum. She is a Global Autism Speaker, as well as a Podcast Host-The SJ Childs Show Podcast. She continues to strengthen her community through local university and hospital Autism partnerships, police training, corporate autism training programs, and more. Sara is a children's book author, pen name SJ Childs. Subjects such as autism, dyslexia, physical differences, anxiety, and more. Helping children understand themselves and support their peers with neurodiverse needs. Encouraging love and inclusion in every situation.