1. 596: An Online Course Business Turns 10: Lessons from $4M in Online Piano Course Sales Nick Loper of Side Hustle Nation 48:40

You may remember the story Jacques Hopkins first shared on the Side Hustle Show in 2017 about his online piano course.

Over the past decade, he systematically scaled Piano in 21 Days, into a powerhouse brand that generated over $4 million in sales.

Now in 2024, I connected with Jacques again to get an update on his current projects and perspective looking back on his entrepreneurial wins and lessons learned over the past years.

Like all savvy business owners, his approach and focus has evolved quite a bit during that timeframe.

Tune in to Episode 596 of the Side Hustle Show to learn:

  • Jacques’ online piano course business after 11 years and over $4 million in sales
  • Elements of building a successful online course business
  • How Jacques’ passion has shifted after doing this side hustle for over a decade
  • What Jacques is focused on next with his Coaching program and podcast

Full Show Notes: An Online Course Business Turns 10: Lessons from $4M in Online Piano Course Sales

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