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Joe Brew, CEO at hyfe.ai | The Riderflex Podcast

Joe Brew is a data scientist with a background in public health. Joe has worked in infectious disease control surveillance, monitoring, and case-finding in places ranging from Nepal to Mozambique to Florida, USA (where he is from). He now focuses on building Hyfe, an artificial intelligence company that aims to improve respiratory health, remote patient monitoring, and diagnostics by detecting and quantifying coughs from ambient noise.‍

Hyfe AI is at the forefront of respiratory healthcare, leveraging AI to analyze cough patterns in an unprecedented way. With over 19 billion data points and 34.9 million coughs detected from 104,000 users in 161 countries, Hyfe AI is pioneering in acoustic epidemiology. This technology aids in early illness detection and monitoring, greatly benefiting patients and healthcare providers. Additionally, Hyfe AI’s focus extends to virtual care, aiming to reduce hospitalizations and improve patient outcomes through remote cough monitoring. Their contribution to life sciences and medical research is also notable, backed by participation in 46 clinical trials and numerous publications.

Meet Hayfe AI:  https://www.hyfe.ai/

Watch the Full Interview:  https://youtu.be/KfSFaHM4POI

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