1. Best of 2022 – Part 2 Retirement Wisdom 23:10

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Missed some episodes of our Retirement podcast? You won’t want to miss these.

In Part 2 of the Best of The Retirement Wisdom Podcast so far in 2022, we discuss a diverse mix of topics:

  • Many people are working longer. How do you navigate the evolving world of work?
  • How a retired police chief is making his early Retirement a masterpiece
  • The emotional aspects of retiring
  • Why how you think about aging affects how you actually age
  • How to downsize and declutter like a pro
  • Why mindfulness is a key asset in grandparenting
  • How Retirement can come abruptly and earlier than you planned


Listen to the full conversations:

Kerry Hannon – In Control at 50+

John P. Weiss  – An Artful Life

Kate Schroeder – The Emotional Side of Retiring

Becca Levy – Breaking the Age Code

Matt Paxton – Keep the Memories, Lose the Stuff

Shirley Showalter – The Mindful Grandparent

Jim Kerr – The Long Walk Home


About The Retirement Wisdom Podcast

Planning for Retirement goes well beyond your 401k or IRA. How will you invest your time after your full-time working years?

You’ll need another portfolio.

I help people create an active multipurpose Retirement, with the right mix of interests, activities and pursuits to invest your time wisely. And for many, like me, it includes a new version of work – redefined on your own terms.

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About Your Host

Joe Casey is an executive coach who also helps people design their next life after their primary career. He created his own next chapter after a twenty-six-year career at Merrill Lynch, where he was Senior Vice President and Head of HR for Global Markets & Investment Banking.
If you’re thinking about Retirement, you’ll also need to be planning for longevity. That’s why Joe returned to school, earning a Masters in Gerontology from the University of Southern California. Today, in addition to his work with clients, Joe hosts The Retirement Wisdom Podcast, which thanks to his guests and loyal listeners, ranks in the top 1.5 % globally in popularity by Listen Notes. Business Insider has recognized him as one of 23 innovative coaches who are making a difference.

Joe is the author of Win the Retirement Game: How to Outsmart the 9 Forces Trying to Steal Your Joy.


Intro and Outro voiceovers by Ross Huguet.