1. An Interview with Artificial Intelligence - Can it Pass Our Retirement Test? Guidance Point Advisors, LLC. 1:03:35

Ep 084: It feels like in today’s news, all we hear about is artificial intelligence. It drives stock market returns for companies that are utilizing it in their services, it is helping functions such as copywriting and various other workflow items. It can answer almost anything you ask of it by compiling information on the internet in a more direct and conversational answer. If we can ask things of an AI construct, we were thinking that maybe it would make for a fun episode of our podcast to ask Retirement questions and see what the responses are. With that, our episode today is, how can AI help us retire better?

Our guest is ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is a powerful AI companion designed to engage in informative and thought-provoking conversations. With its ability to understand and generate human-like text, ChatGPT opens endless possibilities for exploration and discovery. Please welcome ChatGPT to The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast!


Welcome, ChatGPT! [3:33]

What is the history of ChatGPT? [4:48]

What is ChatGPT’s opinion of The Retirement Success in Maine Podcast? [7:05]

Will ChatGPT or artificial intelligence ever replace the need for using a financial advisor? [9:08]

What are the biggest fears of people as they approach Retirement? [13:19]

Many people fear that social security is going to run out and they will never be able to afford to retire. Is this fear a practical one? [15:50]

How realistic is it that someone that retires today lives to age 90 and 95? [20:11]

We’re interested to hear your (ChatGPT’s) take on aging themes that our listeners should be aware of. Especially, we’d love to get your take on where there are some opportunities and challenges. What are your (ChatGPT’s) thoughts here? [23:31]

How will the concept of Retirement change over the next 20 years? [28:40]

I just turned 55 years old, what should I do right now to begin getting ready for Retirement? What resources would help me plan for a successful Retirement? [33:23]

How can today’s retiree use AI such as ChatGPT to make their lives better? [38:18]

We hear a lot that AI is going to ruin our society and take over the world like a science fiction movie. Is this fear realistic or unfounded and why? [43:17]

How should today’s retiree define whether their Retirement was a success? [48:49]

Austin, Ben, and Curtis conclude the conversation. [54:07]

Benjamin Smith Host, Retirement Success in Maine Podcast & Financial Advisor

Ben's focus with our clients is to direct the investments of their investable portfolios. In teaming with Curtis Worcester and Austin Minor, Ben combines his investment expertise from attaining the CFA Charter with Curtis & Austin's financial planning expertise to provide clients with the tools, confidence, and education to make informed decisions about their retirement. As Ben, Curtis, and Austin have a number of clients that are Northern Light Health employees, they've developed a specialty in serving clients in the healthcare field. You can read their "Employee Guide to the Northern Light Health Retirement Plans" here.

He has spent his entire career devoted to serving individual clients and institutions by developing and implementing investment strategies, setting portfolio structure, and providing the highest level of client service. He's passionate about helping clients maximize their savings and retirement income using the many financial planning and portfolio management tools available to Guidance Point consultants. Prior to working for Guidance Point Advisors, Ben worked for Acadia Trust, N.A., a subsidiary of Camden National Corporation, as Vice President, Portfolio Manager based in Bangor, Maine. Ben assumed responsibility for and oversight of over $300 million in client portfolios, including individuals, families, retirement plans, endowments, foundations, businesses, and trusts; and he served on the Company’s Investment Committee.