1. How to Not Fail at Retirement with Author Mike Drak Joe Allaria 27:52

Most people are worried about having enough money saved for Retirement; but financial planning alone, without lifestyle planning, is a ticket to Retirement Hell. In this episode of The Retirement Power Hour, Joe Allaria, CFP®, sits down with Author Mike Drak to discuss his book “Longevity Lifestyle by Design” and how to avoid failing at Retirement. 


About Our Guest 

After a thirty-eight-year career within the financial services industry, Mike Drak experienced what he has now termed “Retirement shock”. As a result, Mike spent the next 6 years doing research about Retirement which resulted in his best-selling books “Longevity Lifestyle by Design” and “Victory Lap Retirement” based on his realization that full-stop Retirement doesn’t work for most people.” Mike works with his wife, an investment advisor, to help clients design a fulfilling Retirement.

Along with being a best-selling author, Mike is also a public speaker and Retirement lifestyle designer. He has received awards for his writing, and you can find his articles at Booming Encore. 


Resources Mentioned on the Show 

Download the Book and Worksheet here for free

Longevity Lifestyle by Design on Amazon 

Listener Question 

I am trying to get information on spousal benefits and just watched your episode 12, excellent presentation. My husband is 73 and began taking SS benefits at full Retirement age. I am now 66 and eligible for my own full Retirement benefit, but a financial advisor recommended Filing for the spousal benefit until switching to my own (higher) benefit at age 70. Do we both need to be born before 1953 for me to have this option? If you can answer, that would be so helpful since it is very difficult to get an appointment with SSA

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Joe Allaria Certified Financial Planner

Joe Allaria is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, co-founder of CarsonAllaria Wealth Management (an independent RIA located in Glen Carbon, IL), and host of The Retirement Power Hour Podcast, where he helps educate the 50+ crowd on how to invest wiser and retire better.

For his numerous articles, Joe has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today.com, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq.com, and Investopedia. He has also been a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional since 2015.

Joe is also a husband, father of two boys, church musician, and avid golfer. He and his family reside in Glen Carbon, IL, a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.