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November 10th, 2022


  1. … SHELTERS & THE RED SCARE- Part 2 Marty Young 27:19

An even more encompassing fear for the United States populace than the health epidemic shared in the last episode was the decade long plus hysteria prompted by the nuclear arms race between America & Russia and the side show created by the media as they covered it and politicians as they fanned it to their advantage. 
Primrose was not immune to this and this installment puts a very personal face on the general climate of neighborhoods across the nation during this time of uncertainty and even fear. 
May be hard to not mock and even ridicule policies and procedures, instructions and lifestyle recommendations shared by “experts” of the times. 
Makes you wonder how decisions of the early 21st century in response to health and societal threats will be judged by generations, themselves 50-60 years removed from actual events of the 2010’s & 2020’s. 
Take a listen and then respond on The Primrose Chronicles Facebook page or directly to the author at 
Blessings & Thanks

Marty Young Creator, Narrator & Host of The Primrose Chronicles podcast

Septuagenarian retired preacher with a retirement diversion of recounting his childhood & youth years living on the NE side of Indianapolis on Primrose Ave, during the 50’s & 60’s. A 30 minute weekly drop.

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