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June 9th, 2024

Trying to connect with the emotionally disconnected person

  1. Trying to connect with the emotionally disconnected person Paul Colaianni 41:41

When someone emotionally distances themselves from you, is there a way to get them back? Is that the beginning of the end? There are ways to talk with the emotionally disconnected person that may get you to the truth… a truth you may not want to hear. 

Paul Colaianni Behavior and Relationship Coach

've been a Behavior and Relationship Coach since 2009 and am the host of two podcasts.

Love and Abuse is all about how to navigate the difficult relationship, while The Overwhelmed Brain is a show about how to deal with the difficulties in life.

The shows can be found at and, respectively.

I currently live in north Atlanta, Georgia, with my fiancée Asha.

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