1. Trying to avoid overwhelm and disappointment while Moving toward your goal Paul Colaianni 26:21

Going for goals can be, well, disappointing. Trying to get something done might give you feelings of failure when you don’t get it done. Are you a goal setter or do you wing it? I hate goal-setting myself. I’ll share some of my thoughts on this to help you avoid disappointment after disappointment. 

Paul Colaianni Behavior and Relationship Coach

've been a Behavior and Relationship Coach since 2009 and am the host of two podcasts.

Love and Abuse is all about how to navigate the difficult relationship, while The Overwhelmed Brain is a show about how to deal with the difficulties in life.

The shows can be found at theoverwhelmedbrain.com and loveandabuse.com, respectively.

I currently live in north Atlanta, Georgia, with my fiancée Asha.