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April 11th, 2024

Making Friends With Men As You Attract Women – MTP403

  1. Making Friends With Men As You Attract Women - MTP403 Scot McKay 44:43

Co-Host Brian Marckesano ( When my guest Brian Marckesano relocated to a new city for a job, he thought it would be a slam dunk to find a social circle, make new friends and date a bunch of new women. But the stone cold reality was it wasn’t nearly as easy as he thought it be. What was up with that? After all, he’s a decent guy with plenty going for him. He became passionate about building the social circle he wanted, including doing extensive research into social dynamics. The result? Not only did Brian reach his social goals beyond his expectations, he now specializes in helping other men do the same. So then, why is social circle development the single most important skill a man can have? And why do we as men in particular struggle so much with developing it? How is even a modicum of abundance mentality extra-powerful when it comes to all of this? What are the unexpected, less-than-obvious ways building relationships with men is very different than building relationships with women? And how did Brian start receiving amazing ‘perks’ due to the relationships he was building with people? What were Brian’s breakthrough moments when he moved to a new city? What did he do right, and what were the social lessons he learned along the way? What is the ‘lost art’ that makes meeting new people so much easier? And how can getting better at talking with women actually ruin your chances at making friends with other men? (Hint: It’s not really because they’re jealous.) Get in on all the insider info at


The content in this show is NEVER generated by AI. I discovered it can’t handle a joke a long time ago. Meanwhile, I’ll keep the practical, actionable ideas coming as well as the entertaining part…all for free. If you love what you hear, please rate the show on the service you subscribed to it on (takes one second) and leave a review. As we say here in Texas, I appreciate you!

Scot McKay Dating Strategist

Scot McKay has shared bad jokes with North Korean military officers, sipped coffee at Pablo Escobar’s home (served by his maid), survived a shark attack while surfing, held his breath as the pride of lions walked by his tent, and blitzed through California canyons with his knee on the double-yellow line at 140 mph. Yet somehow, he has also been referred to as the “sane one” on Twitter by Scott Adams, of all people.

But despite once being mobbed by the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, being able to back a 30′ travel trailer into its slot on the first try, and that time he beat the World Champion at his own sport (no details provided), he’s still the most objective and down-to-earth dating expert out there.

He’s also the most fluff-free fountainhead of original content in his field, if only because that’s what seventeen years of immersive geekery on the subject does for someone.

Scot’s wife Emily is his “proof of concept”, given that she’s just as sweet as she is smokin’ hot and still gets carded at her age. But you’ll never hear her brag about any of that, only Scot.

His show The Mountain Top has also been named a Top 10 Dating Podcast by, and a long time ago weirdly ranked Scot the #1 most influential Facebook user in the world.

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