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May 20th, 2024

From Army EOD Technician to Ministry Leader: The Inspiring Journey of Retired 1SG Will Eller

Join Jake and Stephen on the next episode of The ToosDay Crue as they welcome US Army 1SG Retired Will Eller. With 22 years of active-duty service, Will shares his remarkable journey from failing college to becoming a highly respected Army Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician. From deployments in Bosnia to experiencing the aftermath of 9/11, Will’s story is one of Resilience, sacrifice, and redemption. After retiring in 2020, Will faced new challenges in civilian life but found purpose in ministry, leading a division for the Fishers of Men National Tournament Trail. Tune in to hear Will’s inspiring tale of faith, family, and service.

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Rich LaMonica The MisFitNation Show

Rich LaMonica Is a 22-year veteran of the United States Army who was deployed on multiple occasions in support of the Global War on Terrorism. It was during this career he evolved as a leader of people. His education came from great mentors who showed him how to take care of people. He retired in 2015 and went through an entire year of self-reflection as he transitioned to civilian life again. Those 365 days from retiring to finding a job taught him valuable lessons about transition. This has powered his drive to help other veterans as they go through the transition and any other roadblocks they are hitting. He is a Motivated Speaker who discusses Mindset, Resilience, Grit, and more skills that will make you find your Purpose no matter the journey you have been on. He is currently finishing up two books while pursuing a Ph.D from Liberty University in Homeland Security. He lives by rules and has a motto that resonates with fans of How I met Your Mother “Challenge Accepted”. He is the Executive Producer and host of The MisFitNation Podcast

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