1. 276. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders explained with Patricia Kasper Gina Cavalier 37:53

Patti is committed to improving children’s lives by providing practical tools to parents and professionals who care for children with brain-based differences, whose behaviors are reflective of either brain changes that resulted from exposure to prenatal toxins and/or from trauma, or reflective of the poor fit between their cognitive abilities and the world’s expectations of them. Patti has worked in the fields of mental health and child welfare for over thirty years and has worked with hundreds of foster and adoptive families. She has led workshops in the areas of adoption, trauma and resiliency, attachmend and neurobehavior for several years. Patti’s other work, as a hospice chaplain, has fueled her fire of helping others to live life well and end the cycle of intergenerational trauma. Patricia Kasper, MA, MTh, is a Neurobehavioral Coach and Trainer, who is passionate about supporting those affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). With over thirty years of experience in the fields of addiction, mental health, and child welfare, Patricia recognized a need for greater outreach to help those impacted by FASD. Patricia hosts a weekly podcast, Living with FASD: Candid Conversations with Patti Kasper. Her first book, Sip by Sip: Candid Conversations with People Diagnosed as Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) launched in late August 2023. Patricia Kasper, MA, MTh, Training Services, LLC provides staff development training and Coaching services, serving not only parents of children with brain-based differences but neurodivergent adults as well. Because traditional therapeutic approaches generally fail those with FASD or other neurobehavioral conditions, Patricia is passionate about helping others in the helping professions (social workers, therapists, coaches, and recovery specialists) to adopt a more effective paradigm to better support those who are neurodivergent. Out of her wealth of experience, Patricia has also created training packages addressing intergenerational trauma and adoption preparation. @healing

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The Liberated Healer (TLH) is a wellness brand led by Gina Cavalier, a former entertainment and technology executive, entrepreneur, and intuitive healer. She is bringing her healing modalities to the world to help those who want to learn to heal themselves, yo call in more love, and find their preferred life path. She is doing this by way of providing content all surrounded by wellness - mind, body, and spirit to reveal a variety of modalities to help those on their search to heal themselves.