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November 14th, 2023

262. Kellie Syfan – Helping Children and Families with behavioral issues

  1. 262. Kellie Syfan - Helping Children and Families with behavioral issues Gina Cavalier 28:16

Every single person has the innate desire to feel good, including kids. But they don’t have the skills to navigate tough situations, so they will sometimes express big emotions through behavior issues. You may think you’re doing all the right things, so why does it feel so hard? When you understand how people communicate their trauma, toxicity, sensitivities, and all the things in between – you begin to seek understanding rather than feeling triggered by their actions. You recognize that this is the call for healing. Because we all deserve to feel good. And we deserve the empowerment to help those in need on that path. Kellie helps individuals, professionals, and parents work through challenging behavior so they can protect the spirit and live a more joyful life together. She is a credible expert who tells it like it is. Kellie’s down-to-earth and relatable and captivates the attention of her audience.  @TheLiberatedHealer  @ginacavalier2572  #helpothers #helpchildren #childrenloveanimals #peace #therapy

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Gina Cavalier Podcast Host, Teacher, Healer

The Liberated Healer (TLH) is a wellness brand led by Gina Cavalier, a former entertainment and technology executive, entrepreneur, and intuitive healer. She is bringing her healing modalities to the world to help those who want to learn to heal themselves, yo call in more love, and find their preferred life path. She is doing this by way of providing content all surrounded by wellness - mind, body, and spirit to reveal a variety of modalities to help those on their search to heal themselves.

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