1. 259. Steve Ross Phd, A Modern Day Mystic talks about the book "A Grand Design of Dreams" Gina Cavalier 55:40

Steven A. Ross, Ph.D. is co-founder and CEO of the World Research Foundation. For 50 years he has researched and lectured around the globe in all areas of health, philosophy, spirituality, and subtle energy subjects. Delivering more than 250 lectures and presentations to various governmental agencies, hospital associations and the public. Steven has been interviewed on more than 150 radio programs and 15 regional and national television programs. He has been an expert witness for the City of Los Angles and acted as a consultant for the insurance industry. Steven has written six books and is the curator of the World Research Foundation library consisting of 20,000 books dating to the 1400s. Steven has been in possession of the Universal Microscope of Royal R. Rife. This one-of-a-kind microscope, developed in 1933, is the most powerful light-source microscope ever developed and allowed Royal Rife to view microorganisms at magnifications that no other device has perfected. Rife discovered frequencies that devitalized or destroyed microorganisms and viruses’ response for 60 diseases and illnesses. Steve has more than 500 personal letters, dating to the 1930s from researchers associated with Royal R. Rife in addition to other materials from Rife’s research facility. The majority of information, on the internet regarding Rife and his work, his generally incorrect and has no basis in actuality. Steven spent time with the well-known philosopher, Manly P. Hall, in the 1980s and was given permission to photocopy rare and unique items out of Manly P. Hall’s private vault. Steve’s book includes unpublished lectures of Manly Hall. Steven (74 years old) has been guided by dreams since he was 23 years old and through these dreams has amassed collections of materials that are included in the holdings of his Wisdom Library of the World Research Foundation. Steven co-founded the World Research Foundation whose mission for the last 40 years has been to locate, gather, codify, evaluate, classify, and disseminate all information dealing with health and the environment. He has traveled around the world to collect the best information in an unbiased, neutral, and independent manner. This information encompasses both ancient and current data from traditional and non-traditional medicine. Steve’s interviews have included information on various health conditions, virtually every alternative and holistic health approach, electromagnetics and health, the importance of dreams, healing, and spiritual and esoteric topics. Steve has more than 100 YouTube videos on health, spirituality, and human potential. A sample of Steven’s lectures can be found at: https://globalbem.com/steven-ross-energy-medicine/ #healing #library #world #crisis #isreal#suicideprevention

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