1. The Joy of Community Literacy with the Story Orchard Mike 35:23

Discover the transformative power of literacy and community as we journey with Lesley De Paz, a veteran educator and nonprofit coach, who unveils the intricate tapestry of teaching and learning. From the heart of Minneapolis, Lesley illuminates the pressures that educators and students endure, while celebrating Story Orchard Books a beacon of community engagement and literary growth. Prepare to be moved by tales from the classroom, insights on teacher licensure, and the delightful Book Bike Mobile, which brings the joy of reading directly to the public.

Embark on a literary adventure that transcends traditional bookshelves and nourishes the soul. In this heartfelt conversation, we unravel the threads of accessible literature outside the walls of libraries, the significance of adult role models in literacy, and the foundational impact of phonics on young minds. Moreover, Lesley will share her recent foray into the genres of beach reads and personal finance, and how these stories have reshaped her perspective on reading. Join us as we celebrate the enduring impact of books, the Story Orchard Books vision, and simple ways to foster a love of reading in the next generation.

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