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June 11th, 2024 Mature Content

Transforming Friendships: A Kandid Chat on Boundaries and Toxic Relationships w/ Dr. Leslie Dobson

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  1. Transforming Friendships: A Kandid Chat on Boundaries and Toxic Relationships w/ Dr. Leslie Dobson The Kandid Shop Podcast LLC 39:01

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Ready to revolutionize your friendships and set healthier boundaries? Join me, as I sit down with the insightful Dr. Leslie Dobson, a clinical and forensic psychologist and the brilliant author behind “The Friend Cleanse.”
We uncover her unique journey through the challenging world of psychology, particularly her impactful work with acutely mentally ill individuals. You'll gain a clear understanding of the distinctions between clinical and forensic psychology and how Dr. Leslie's experiences have profoundly shaped her approach to identifying and navigating toxic relationships and friendships.

Ever wondered why some friendships feel draining or why it's tough to maintain adult connections? Dr. Leslie and I tackle the critical topic of reassessing and setting boundaries in friendships. We dive into common misconceptions about long-term relationships and the vital importance of self-preservation. Listen in as Dr. Leslie provides practical advice on initiating and enforcing boundaries, recognizing red flags in toxic friendships, and trusting your intuition. Learn how to spot those subtle yet toxic behaviors like undermining comments and narcissistic tendencies that can erode your well-being.

In our discussion, we also highlight the challenges of forming and sustaining friendships as adults amidst the influence of media on our expectations. Dr. Leslie shares invaluable strategies from her book on conducting a “friend cleanse,” including tips on understanding attachment styles and seeking feedback from trusted loved ones.
This episode is packed with actionable insights and personal stories that will help you prioritize meaningful relationships and surround yourself with people who genuinely uplift you.
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Kristin McGriff aka “Kandidly Kristin,” Founder & Host of The Kandid Shop Podcast

Kristin is a voice-over actor and Founder & Host of The Kandid Shop Podcast.

She believes we each have a purpose, a path & a platform to candidly share our unique voices with the world if we just tap into it.

Her personal motto is “Don’t let your inner me become your enemy”

When not podcasting or doing voice-over work, Kristin enjoys swimming, reading, traveling, and spending time with her family, especially her 3 grandbabies!

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