1. Sowing Seeds of Sustainability & Joy: A Kandid Chat on Composting, Sprouting, and Laughter Yoga w/Cathy Nesbitt The Kandid Shop Podcast LLC 50:33

Uncover the transformative power of worms and laughter in my enlightening conversation with Cathy Nesbitt, the visionary behind Cathy's Crawley's Composters, Sprouters, and Laughter Club. As we navigate the fertile grounds of sustainability, Cathy shares her expertise on the revolution beneath our feet—vermicomposting—and the sprouts that add vigor to our meals and our planet. Her laughter yoga journey intertwines with tales of red wigglers, offering a blend of wisdom and joy that promises to inspire your lifestyle and tickle your funny bone.

The world of sprouting unfolds in a symphony of health benefits and Cathy's guidance on how to turn tiny seeds into nutritional powerhouses is nothing short of revelatory. We delve into the stark realities of North American agriculture, examining the urgent need for soil revival and a return to nature's rhythms. Kathy's passion for sprouting is infectious; it's not just about the enzymes, but a deeper connection to the earth that nourishes both body and spirit.

Finally, we wrap up with laughter—its uplifting force a universal remedy in challenging times as Kathy shares her initiatives with laughter yoga among the Down syndrome community. The crescendo of our chat leads to a playful series of 10 Kandid Questions, revealing quirks and global concerns, all while reinforcing the message of sprouting as a gateway to wellness. Remember, to join Kathy's cause and continue the conversation, head to https://www.cathysclub.com, https://www.cathyscomposters.com or
https://www.cathyssprouters.com —where green living and hearty laughter are always in season.
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