1. From Junkie to Judge: A Kandid Chat with Mary Beth O'Connor The Kandid Shop Podcast LLC 53:43

This is a Content Trigger Warning. This episode contains discussions about drugs and substance abuse. You are advised to refrain from listening if you are likely to be offended or be adversely impacted by any of these topics. Take care of yourself.
Are you ready to embark on a journey that will challenge your perspectives on addiction, recovery, and the justice system? This fascinating episode features a riveting conversation with Mary Beth O'Connor, a former Federal Judge and  Author of “From Junkie to Judge: One Woman’s Triumph Over Trauma and Addiction.”  who is a beacon of hope for many. She shares her personal experience of fighting substance abuse and how she turned her life around to become an influential figure in the judiciary. Hear her insights on the role of trauma in substance misuse and the dangerous reality of the current drug overdose crisis.

The conversation takes a thought-provoking turn as we discuss the societal and political barriers that often prevent effective treatment of substance abuse disorders. Is addiction a moral failing or a medical condition? We challenge this commonly held notion and delve into the potential benefits and challenges of decriminalizing personal drug use, drawing from examples in places like Oregon. And despite the progress, we also acknowledge the unending racial disparities that persist in drug law enforcement.

Journey with us as we delve deeper into the world of secular recovery, exploring alternatives to traditional 12-step programs. We emphasize the importance of a personalized recovery plan, discussing different non-12-step groups and their philosophies. Mary Beth talks about her work with LifeRing and She Recovers, providing useful advice for those facing addiction and the people who care about them. This episode is more than a conversation – it's an opportunity to understand the multifaceted nature of addiction and the path to recovery.
Tune in now for a heart-to-heart talk that offers hope, understanding, and insight into a much-misunderstood issue.

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