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June 11th, 2024

Mastering Press Release Marketing for Small Businesses with Mickie Kennedy

Discover the power of press release marketing to increase visibility and credibility for your small business, startup, or author brand. Join Mickie Kennedy, founder of eReleases and an expert in press release distribution, as he shares invaluable insights and proven strategies. Learn how to craft winning press releases, leverage media coverage to boost conversions, and gain access to national newswires without breaking the bank. Unlock the secrets to effective PR outreach in the age of online influencers and strengthen your analytical skills to scale your business success.

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Khudania Ajay Content Entrepreneur, Podcast Host & Ind. Journalist

Khudania Ajay is a writer, podcast host, and independent journalist. In his 20-plus years in the media, he has worked with renowned organizations such as CNBC (India), Reuters, and Press Trust of India (PTI). Now, he is dedicated to helping his audience succeed through his LIVE Masterclasses.

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