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3 Reasons You Keep Attracting The Wrong Men

  1. 3 Reasons You Keep Attracting The Wrong Men Louis Morris Relationship/Life Coach 28:11

I was speaking, instead listening, to a female friend of mine a couple of weeks ago and she was stating how she keeps attracting the wrong men. I wasn’t wearing my coaching hat at that time; therefore, I wasn’t offering any insights into her situation. However, I do have some. This podcast episode is for my friend and any woman experiencing the same thing. There are 3 reasons you keep attracting the wrong men. If you need to talk, my Link Tree is below. Schedule a call.

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Louis Morris The Heart Matters, Podcaster

I am a Relationship/Spiritual Life Coach. I help couples have more sex and better sex, and I help people cultivate their relationship with God in order to enhance their overall quality of life. I'm also the host of The Heart Matters podcast and creator of The Heart Matters YouTube Channel.

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