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I learned so very much during this fascinating conversation with the brilliant Dr. J Dunn, Natural Health Practitioner, CEO and founder of My Happy Genes. Please join us as we discuss:

* Dr. J’s personal story of discovering the impact her genetic make-up was having on her lifelong battle with depression
* her brilliant insights on various genes and their impact on our physical and mental health
* the various testing and reports available through her My Happy Genes programs
* and so much more!

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With a Doctorate in Chiropractic Medicine and a Bachelor of Science in Natural Sciences, along with training in Functional Medicine, Dr.  J Dunn has been practicing Natural Medicine for over thirty years. She has dedicated her life to helping her patients, as well as herself and family, to achieve optimal health. 

In fact, Dr. Dunn began her journey to becoming a Natural Health Practitioner in search of a way to heal herself from debilitating chronic fatigue and depression.  So, she knows first-hand both the physical and emotional pain of suffering without answers and being blamed by those she desperately wanted to help her heal.

People have been coming to Dr. Dunn from all over the world for help with conditions and symptoms that have defied both traditional and naturopathic diagnosis and treatment.  In fact, by 2013 her practice was so successful that she had a waiting list of over a year for new patients!

She began to realize she needed to find a way to help far more people than she could treat personally. So, for the last 8 years, she shifted her focus to teaching and researching.  Because, despite her significant success in helping people individually, she knew there still had to be a simpler way to get to the root cause of the conditions and symptoms that plague millions, yet for which there is minimal to no relief available.

As Dr. Dunn shares: “Through this quest, I discovered the key to unlocking the secrets to optimal emotional and physical wellbeing – a way to easily identify the root cause of conditions such as anxiety, depression, and addiction.  That key is your genetic code.”

Over the last 10 years, Dr Dunn and her team have been mapping the genes specifically related to brain chemistry to help her patients and teach other Healthcare Professionals to help theirs. They have identified the genetic patterns that contribute to conditions associated with mental and emotional health.  The MyHappyGenes® Dynamic Algorithm is able to target and analyze over 570 specific genes.


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