1. Antonia – What Happens When Fear Meets Love? Teri Wellbrock 32:07

I so much enjoyed this enlightening conversation with Antonia, Registered Psychotherapist, Plant Medicine Integration Counselor, Transmuter/Facilitator, Ayurvedic Counselor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Author, Retreat Facilitator, and is now in training for Plant Medicine Facilitation. Please join us as we discuss:

  • the inspiration behind her book, Dismantling The 3rd Dimension – Transforming our Trauma on the Road from Tribe to Collective
  • her philosophies on generational and ancestral trauma
  • her role as counselor
  • the implications of Ayurvedic approaches to healing
  • and so much more!

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Awakening the Alchemy of Awareness

Antonia’s accelerated transformation started in 2006 when she discovered her capacity to dissolve lifetimes of pain in her own body through a harrowing journey inward. Raising the vibration by inviting a deep seeing of the truth of pain, she now assists clients in enabling their process of dissolution of ancient trauma stories.

Antonia spent the early decades building up knowledge, intellect, data, and credibility. Now she is learning to unlearn. To expand awareness, she disassembles the infrastructure of the mind and surrenders it to the heart. As an integrative therapist, she blends Western modalities of therapeutic relationship with the metaphysical transmutation of the trauma of separation. Antonia helps people see the pain as a signal and opportunity for expansion; to bring awareness to pain and integrate our hidden suffering into the greater whole. She takes people into deeper levels of seeing and knowing through her one-on-one healing sessions, online modules, workshops, and retreats.

Her goal is to assist healers, seekers, and psychonauts get ready for a wave of healing as our collective, ancient traumas surface more rapidly and readily on our path to the next reality. This is her passion. This is her destiny. This is her collective.

Website: https://www.tribetocollective.com/

Antonia – What Happens When Fear Meets Love? &Raquo; Antonia

Antonia – What Happens When Fear Meets Love? &Raquo; Antonia 5



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