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103 – Ditch the Elevator Pitch: Authentic Networking that Works

  1. 103 - Ditch the Elevator Pitch: Authentic Networking that Works 31:05

Do you dread giving an elevator pitch? In this episode, we explore how to ditch the scripted spiel and embrace authentic networking with Melissa Snow. Learn how genuine connections can transform your business and make networking enjoyable. Tune in to discover how to connect without the stress and truly stand out.

In this episode of “The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Business,” host Catryn Becker interviews Melissa Snow, a networking expert who believes in the power of authentic connections. Melissa shares her journey from being a dating coach to founding Powerful Women Rising, a community focused on building genuine relationships for sustainable business growth. Together, they discuss the importance of balancing feminine and masculine energies in networking, the pitfalls of cookie-cutter marketing strategies, and how to show up authentically in every interaction.

Melissa provides practical tips for overcoming the anxiety and imposter syndrome that often accompany networking, especially for women. She also highlights the benefits of virtual networking, offering a safe and effective way to connect with like-minded professionals from around the globe. Whether you’re an introvert who dreads large events or someone looking to refine your networking skills, this episode offers valuable insights and strategies to help you ditch the elevator pitch and start making meaningful connections. Tune in to learn how to network with confidence and authenticity.

Connect with Catryn Becker 

Connect with Melissa Snow

About Catryn Becker

Catryn Becker is a visionary leader and the driving force behind Optimize We, where she empowers successful women to transform their lives by overcoming deep-seated regrets. With a background in environmental engineering, business strategy, and holistic practices, Catryn blends technical expertise with a profound understanding of human potential. She has dedicated her career to helping women who feel a deep calling to contribute more meaningfully to the world and humanity. Catryn’s innovative concept of “pregret”—the fear of future regret that keeps individuals stuck—has resonated deeply with her clients, enabling them to break free from these mental barriers and achieve extraordinary personal and professional growth.

Through her holistic approach, which integrates cosmic elements and business strategies, Catryn has guided her clients from heartbreak to marriage, loneliness to family, and disease to freedom. Her work is a testament to the power of unblocking pregrets and turning them into opportunities for success. As a speaker, podcast host, and coach, Catryn’s passion for transformation and empowerment shines through in everything she does. She continues to inspire and support women to realize their full potential and transform their visions into reality, creating lasting impacts in their lives and communities.

About  Melissa Snow

Melissa Snow is a Business Relationship Strategist dedicated to empowering women in entrepreneurship. She founded the Powerful Women Rising Community, which provides female business owners with essential support and resources for business growth. Melissa’s other mission is to revolutionize networking, promoting authenticity and genuine connections over sleazy sales tactics. She lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, two dogs and three cats. She loves iced coffee, true crime, Taylor Swift and buying books she’ll never read. 

Catryn Becker People Optimization Specialist

Catryn Becker is a dynamic and purpose-driven professional with a strong commitment to making a positive impact in the world. With a background in environmental engineering and a specialization in business strategy, Catryn possesses a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic acumen that allows her to navigate complex challenges and drive meaningful change.

Throughout her career, Catryn has consistently demonstrated her ability to guide organizations in making informed decisions regarding environmental sustainability, health, safety, and culture. As an MBA graduate from SDA Bocconi, Catryn honed her strategic thinking and leadership skills, while also developing a keen appreciation for diversity, equity, and inclusion. Her ability to forge strong relationships and build diverse networks has been instrumental in driving change and fostering collaboration.

A thought leader in the field of mental resiliency and mindset, Catryn has spoken on stage with basketball coach Phil Jackson, actors Kiefer Sutherland from 24 and Cole Hauser from Yellowstone as well as many billionaires and top business owners, She also hosts a business podcasts, contributes regularly on a local television network, and is an international best-selling author.

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