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June 5th, 2024 Mature Content

Why Strong Communication is an Important Self Care Tool

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  1. Why Strong Communication is an Important Self Care Tool Diane Schroeder 13:42

In this insightful episode of The Fire Inside Her, Diane Schroeder unveils the art of hard conversations, emphasizing the critical role communication plays as a self care tool. Diane shares a personal story that illustrates the pitfalls of poor communication and highlights the importance of setting clear expectations, maintaining firm boundaries, and managing your energy. As she weaves her experiences into practical advice, you’ll uncover essential tips to improve your communication skills and navigate tough conversations with grace. Whether you’re dealing with workplace conflicts or personal relationships, this episode will equip you with the tools to foster stronger and more effective connections. Tune in for a blend of heartfelt storytelling and actionable wisdom!

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Diane Schroeder, MA, EFO, is a nationally recognized speaker, self-care coach, and podcast host specializing in empowering individuals in midlife. With 24 years of leadership experience in the male-dominated fire service, Diane advocates for self-care as a catalyst for authentic style, work-life balance, and increased productivity. Her expertise, combined with a Master's degree in organizational leadership, offers data-driven guidance to leaders. Through her popular podcast, The Fire Inside Her, and engaging speaking engagements nationwide, Diane shares her insights. She is also a TEDx speaker and currently working on her first book.

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