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  1. The Power of Connection to Your Heart and Restorative Yoga for Self-Love Diane Schroeder 35:40

In this episode of The Fire Inside Her, host Diane Schroeder welcomes the insightful Meghan Johnston for a deep dive into the art of weaving presence into the everyday fabric of our lives. In this warm conversation, they’ll bring together the threads of self-trust, authentic living, and the quiet power of pacing oneself. Together, they tackle the shadowy specters of fear and expectation to reveal the luminescence of a life aligned with one’s truest desires. From the transformative embrace of restorative yoga to the crafting of spaces for soulful nourishment, this episode invites listeners on a journey to find the courage to trust their innermost whispers. Tune in, as Diane and Meghan guide us through the delicate balance of rest, and reflection, to ignite the flame of self-discovery.

Meghan Johnston is deeply passionate about creating spaces that support you in connecting to your heart and all the wisdom that lives within. Through her work as a life coach, podcast host, and restorative yoga teacher, she helps tender-hearted high achievers get out of their heads and into their hearts, so that they can live with more creativity, courage and compassion than they ever thought possible.

Looking for a personalized plan to reclaim your energy? Meghan is offering a super discounted 1:1 Coaching (at $45 CAD)session for listeners of this podcast episode: podcastgift.meghanjohnston.com

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Diane Schroeder, MA, EFO, is a nationally recognized speaker, self-care coach, and podcast host specializing in empowering individuals in midlife. With 24 years of leadership experience in the male-dominated fire service, Diane advocates for self-care as a catalyst for authentic style, work-life balance, and increased productivity. Her expertise, combined with a Master's degree in organizational leadership, offers data-driven guidance to leaders. Through her popular podcast, The Fire Inside Her, and engaging speaking engagements nationwide, Diane shares her insights. She is also a TEDx speaker and currently working on her first book.