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May 28th, 2024

TEDM – Natalie Brunell – A Broken System Needs Real Solutions: Embrace Bitcoin for Our Empowerment (Episode 194)

  1. TEDM – Natalie Brunell – A Broken System Needs Real Solutions: Embrace Bitcoin for Our Empowerment (Episode 194) Patrick Francey 50:18

Natalie Brunell a podcast host, educator, and media commentator in the Bitcoin space. 

Her popular independent show, the Coin Stories Podcast, features interviews with Bitcoin thought leaders and cover headlines related to finance and economic issues facing society. Coin Stories is the top woman-hosted Bitcoin education show in the world and ranks Top 10 in Business News podcasts. 

Previously, Natalie was an award-winning TV journalist and investigative reporter. For more than 10 years she covered in-depth local and national news topics and holds a regional news Emmy for breaking news coverage as well as multiple Emmy nominations for investigative news stories. 

Natalie was recently an adjunct professor of advanced communication and visual storytelling at the University of Southern California. She holds a Master’s of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University.

In this episode, Patrick and Natalie have a fascinating conversation and deep dive into the broken monetary (and societal) system and what the cause is, at its core. Natalie is passionate about self-empowerment through education and research of Bitcoin and the real solution it provides in our technology centric world. Natalie shares the catalyst to her own research and enlightenment after watching her parents suffer during the great financial crisis, and the truth of what’s she discovered with her natural proclivity to learn and investigate. It’s more important than ever to have people like Natalie using her podcasting platform and interviews to share real stories of what has and is unfolding. Both Natalie and Patrick feel hope for what’s next, as more people start to wake up, ask questions, and seek sovereignty over sleepwalking into the cage of convenience and control. Natalie’s message is clear: “embrace Bitcoin for empowerment.”

Patrick Francey Creator/Host TheEveryDay Millionaire Podcast


Patrick Francey is considered a luminary in real estate investment education, entrepreneurship, and personal and professional development.

He is a gifted speaker and coach dedicated to enriching lives through personal and professional growth. As CEO of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN) and a multi-business owner, Patrick brings over 40 years of business expertise, guiding individuals toward their financial and business goals.

With a profound commitment to holistic growth, Patrick resonates with Canadian investors and entrepreneurs. His journey from humble beginnings to a Canadian-based real estate investor, educator, and speaker inspires a global audience. Through engaging speaking events, educational programs, and his top 10% podcast "The Everyday Millionaire," Patrick's approachable style inspires action by
his followers.

Patrick's influence extends to well-being with a foundational philosophy of creating a context for your life, intentionally, mindfully, and with purpose. He and his wife, Steffany Hannity-Franceyare inspired to support the success of others. Patrick's dedication to his vision for success, paired with his holistic lifestyle, embodies a well-rounded approach. His enduring impact in entrepreneurship and real estate investment is an unwavering beacon of guidance, proving his principles invaluable for those seeking to be their greatest self and live their best life, by design.

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