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May 13th, 2024

26. How to Break into Product Management at Top Tech Companies with Alex Rechevskiy

  1. 26. How to Break into Product Management at Top Tech Companies with Alex Rechevskiy Estee Goldschmidt 43:30

This podcast episode features an in-depth interview with Alex, a former product manager at Google, now running a business that helps experienced product managers advance their careers. Alex discusses the benefits and challenges of working in product management within the tech industry, emphasizing the value of having top tech company names on one’s resume for career opportunities and compensation. He also touches on the cognitive dissonance experienced by product managers, the interviewing process, strategies for job seekers, and the role’s requirements at large tech companies. Furthermore, Alex shares personal stories, including starting his YouTube channel and the impact of his advice on others. The conversation also covers topics like strategic ambiguity in tech companies, the importance of organizational and communication skills, and insights into succeeding in product management roles.

Bio: Alex Rechevskiy was a Group PM at Google and has built and run products and product teams of all sizes. He has also coached and mentored hundreds of PMs at all stages of their careers and helped many clients land product roles at top tech companies. Alex writes on LinkedIn, makes videos on YouTube and runs a group Coaching program called the Product Career Accelerator for serious tech professionals who want to grow their career and compensation.


00:00 Welcome to the SD Show: A Deep Dive into Product Management 00:27 The Unmatched Benefits of Working in Top Tech 04:39 Alex’s Journey: From Google to Guiding Product Managers 04:58 The Realities of Breaking into Product Management Today 05:54 The Genesis of a YouTube Channel for Product Managers 11:02 The Interview Process vs. The Reality of the Job 13:50 Navigating the Complexities of Top Tech Companies 15:47 The Strategic Ambiguity of Monopolistic Tech Giants 19:19 The Culture of Respect at Google 20:09 The Impact of Google’s Innovations on Humanity 20:46 The Challenge of Innovation and Risk at Google 23:01 Navigating the Job Market in Big Tech 24:33 Mastering the Job Application Process 31:12 The Interview Process: Strategies for Success 35:58 Preparing for a Product Management Role 38:14 Lightning Round: Personal Insights and Final Thoughts

How can non-technical people tap into the wonders of artificial intelligence? Why is Gen Z choosing to not have children?
Estee is a digital product leader in startups who is also a wife and mom of two. In her podcast, she navigates through the challenges with her guests.

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